Trash-talking motorcyclist in the bicycle lane

What a morning!

First, a large re-appropriated Crown Victoria literally drifts into the bike lane — cutting me off. I’m close enough behind to see the driver has his cell phone in his right hand held below the dashboard so he can slyly text — and apparently drive on the sly. I make may around and notice his window is open. So I yell one of my favorite epithets,

“Hey, why don’t you try driving!”

To which he replies something inaudible but probably nasty.

Second, I continue along my way and I’m almost to work as I come up to a stop light. There’s a motorcycle ahead of me and in the main lane. As traffic slows, he dashes out into the bike lane in order to go around the car and get to the front — a common motorcycle move. The only problem is that I happen to be coming up that very bike lane and the motorcyclist didn’t signal nor take the time to check his blind-spot before changing lanes. Granted, we were all going pretty slow at least point so there was no real danger since I’m good at what I do, but as I pulled up around him, I gave him a look and shook my head.

That’s when he began to just swear at me. Over and over. I tried to tell him it was his wrong to almost hit me in the bike lane. Light turns green and he PACES me up the road to yell at me some more. Calling me stupid, ugly, anything he can think of… I told him I can’t talk to him if he’s going to just yell at me and I pulled off to my work.

Why can’t anyone just admit they’re wrong anymore? I make mistakes a lot when I’m biking. Buzzing pedestrians sometimes, or failing to yield to cars and other cyclists and I usually shout out a “Sorry!” or some such. I don’t immediately find fault with the offended person and begin barraging them with insults.

Whatever happened to this interchange?

“Oops! My bad.”

“It’s all good, bro!”

And life goes on…


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  1. […] lane in San Francisco. Several bikers and I (and cars!) all come to a stop light. Rather like the motorcycle last time, a scooter attempts to cut into the packed bike lane to cut in front of the cars (an implicity […]

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