Road Rage Chronicles: Bucketseat Law Enforement

Since moving to Portland, a city known for the high bicycling population, I’ve notice two or three times where someone sitting in a parked car will honk at me. The first one happened out of no where and I didn’t even notice it was a parked car until I realized there were no cars on the road. The second and third I began looking for these “bucketseat law enforcers.”

It usually happens when I come up to a red light, stop and realize it’s safe to go and then I “run” the red light. This is, actually, against the law, however, it is a common thing cyclists do in most any city. In fact, it’s so common that Portland is considering changing the laws to make stop lights, stop signs, and stop signs into yields for cyclists. SF is also considering this. And apparently Idaho has been this way for years.

But back to the story. So I proceed to go through the red light and this guy in a parked car on the corner honks at me. He’s got an angry look on his face. He must really hate that I did that. He probably really gets angry at gay marriage too. I find the whole thing pretty hilarious. 1) honking is not a good way to make a point. It’s too broad and it’s hard to even tell why someone is honking at you. Were you just married, or are you in their way? 2) Honking from a parked car is completely asinine and pointless.

Next time I think I’ll just go up to the car and ask them.


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