Car tramples over a dozen cyclists

This is absolutely horrifying. More info and statements from the driver’s lawyer (he’s claiming self-defense) here.

I watch this video and I am shocked, shocked! I don’t care your thoughts on critical mass or on cyclists; do any of them justify murder? Does no one ever realize that a car hitting a bike will always “win”? Self-defense or not, it’s like bringing a gun to a chess game.

The only way I can see anyone being OK with committing fatal and nearly fatal road rage against cyclists is the dehumanizing effect a car has on us when we’re behind the wheel. The illusion of safety, freedom and comfort work together to create an almost simulation experience for the driver. You are in a video game and your actions (though your car) are not “real” and have no “real” repercussions. Except, of course, they do, sometimes fatally. The only similar dehumanization I can think of is war, when you are so convinced that the enemy is “The Enemy” and not human, not real, not like you, can one ever muster the courage to kill.

But this is just driving. Just commuting. Just traveling. Just sad. So sad.


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