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Two Wheels vs. Four
August 14, 2011

“How far do I have to ride my bike to pay back its carbon footprint?”

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The cost of car “freedom”: 2 hours of work a day
May 10, 2011

Imagine you could work 500 hours less every year. That works out to be an extra 12.5 weeks of vacation. Alternatively, imagine you got paid for an extra 500 hours of work each year, without having to work those extra 500 hours. That would work out to be an extra $11,000 every year for an average American making $22 per hour.

500 hours a year – or 2 hours each day – is roughly the equivalent to what the average American worker will work in order to pay for their cars the average is between 1.46 hour/day and 2.90 hours/day depending on which data is used.

This is a substantial amount of time and cost in order to have the “freedom”, or as I like to call it “imprisonment” of automobile ownership.

via The Urban Country Bicycle Blog: Americans Work 2 Hours Each Day To Pay For Their Cars.

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Who pays more for roads, bikes or cars?
October 4, 2010

The facts are clear: People who don’t drive much — including most true bike zealots — significantly subsidize those who drive a lot. And in any kilometre-by-kilometre comparison of city residents who travel exclusively by one mode or the other, drivers tend to pay less than their real costs, while riders pay more.

via Bikes vs. cars: Who pays their fair share?.

Key point are these “real costs” since cars and car infrastructure cost cities far more than anything produce by and for cycles.

Driving is Why You’re Fat
August 10, 2010

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Driving is Why You’re Fat

From:  this isn’t happiness.™ Peter Nidzgorski, tumblr.

Same number of people…
April 1, 2009

(via Carfree USA)