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Missing Invisible Bike
October 30, 2008

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The most popular vehicle today is the bicycle
October 25, 2008

The most popular vehicle today is the bicycle

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Congestion Parking in San Francisco
October 22, 2008

Under this plan, curbside parking is based on fair market prices.

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Could be interesting

Yes, but do chicks dig it?
October 18, 2008

Smart, but will it get you laid?

FFFFOUND! | New electric vehicle with an unusual form factor

Old Cycling Photos – Urban Velo
October 15, 2008

Old Cycling Photos – Urban Velo

Gas-Free Fridays
October 15, 2008

In San Francisco, half of all driving trips are under two miles in length — a distance easily travelled by bicycle. So, grab your bike and a friend or co-worker and pedal by one of the SFBC’s energizer station to fuel up on free fair-trade certified coffee, tea, and snacks.

Gas-Free Fridays

Bike commuter benefit now law!
October 7, 2008

Among a bunch of pay offs, some good laws slipped into the big $700 billion bail out.

Bicycle commuters will now be extended similar benefits to people who take transit and drive to work – it’s an equitable and sensible incentive to encourage greater energy independence, improve air quality and health, and even help tackle climate change.

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Some Wacky Ideas
October 7, 2008

Some Wacky Ideas – Urban Velo

Pretty wacky!

PS, drilling will not bring cheaper gas right away. Shit takes time, dogg.